Gunung Brinchang Tour

"Gunung Brinchang Tour"

This guided tour is done by using the Land Rover to reach the mountainous terrain to the top of the Mount Brinchang located 2000m above sea level, this is being the only accessible mossy forest in the world using a vehicle. A very old mystical like forest that is believed to be around 190 million years old that will awe struck you with the beautiful formation of trees aging to few thousand years old, many different varieties of wild orchids, insect-eating carnivorous Pitcher Plant, Wild Ginger plants, Citronella & other plants. Also enjoy the beautiful view from the newly built watch tower from top of Mount Brinchang. Then we will continue the tour to the tea plantation factory tour, tea boutique & cafe before we head to the Local Market. 

4 Hours (Weekdays)
5-6 Hours (Weekends / Public Holidays / School Holidays)

9.00am & 1.00pm (Weekdays)
9.00am (Weekends / Public Holidays / School Holidays)


Inclusive of:
Guide / Driver and Transfer

Minimum number of guests:
2 Guests

BOH Tea Plantation is closed every Monday

*Advance reservation is required.